Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Van Nuys

If you’re experiencing pain in your teeth that is both persistent and intense, you may require a root canal. At Affordable Dental, our dental team offers root canal therapy in Van Nuys for patients who wish to save their teeth and improve both their oral and overall health in the process. This procedure has been a core service of our practice since the beginning, so you can trust our experience.

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Effective Treatment for Dental Infection

The negative reputation associated with root canal therapy endures despite the results achieved from this procedure. At Affordable Dental, we stand by this solution since it’s always preferable to save your teeth rather than replace them whenever possible. 

This procedure involves removing the infected pulp from your teeth. Once this infection occurs, the inflammation leads to discomfort and, ultimately, the need for extraction. 

What to Expect 

After conducting a comprehensive exam to accurately diagnose the problem, our dentists utilize an apex locator in order to determine exactly where treatment needs to take place. Once the infected pulp is removed, we will restore your tooth with a specially made crown. This porcelain restoration allows you to smile with confidence and function normally.

For the procedure itself, we take your comfort into full consideration. Part of the negative reputation of root canal comes from the incorrect idea that the procedure is painful; this is not the case. The area being treated will be numbed, and we can provide sedation if you need further help relaxing.

We also perform simple re-treatment procedures in house, which involves a reassessment of your tooth’s condition and further maintenance.

Root Canal Treatment for Children

For younger patients in need of root canal therapy, we perform pulpotomies that specifically target infected tissue within the crown. This procedure does not remove all of the pulp within a child’s tooth – only the affected portions. Pulpotomies allow a child’s dental anatomy to be preserved for their smile to undergo normal development.

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Root canals help preserve the natural elements of your smile and present an opportunity to restore your health before further deterioration occurs. If you are experiencing discomfort in your smile, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Van Nuys and schedule an appointment.


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