Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Van Nuys

Whether in time for an important event or as a permanent improvement to your smile’s aesthetics, porcelain veneers are a convenient solution that allows you to achieve restored beauty. At Affordable Dental, we offer porcelain veneers in Van Nuys for patients looking to conceal superficial damage, discoloration, or imperfections in their smile. No matter if you have permanently stained or chipped teeth, veneers can transform your smile for the better.

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Who Benefits from Porcelain Veneers?

There are a variety of cosmetic dental solutions on the market that can address common issues. Teeth whitening kits, for example, offer a convenient way to lift external stains at your leisure. However, patients with intrinsically-stained teeth would not benefit from such a treatment. Veneers offer a permanent alternative that allows for total concealment.

Many patients have experienced chips and cracks and are left with a smile that doesn’t satisfy their preferences. Veneers allow those with superficial defects to have their smile reshaped. In the case of gaps that do not require extensive orthodontic treatment, veneers can effectively close these spaces in your smile.

The Procedure: What to Expect 

We offer beautiful, minimal prep veneers at our Van Nuys practice. Veneers require the alteration of teeth in order to fit comfortably, but for patients who are not experiencing gum complications or cavities, we are able to preserve more of the existing enamel. Veneer placement usually takes up to two appointments in order to ensure successful results. We use porcelain, which is highly-stain resistant and resembles the appearance of healthy enamel.

Our dentists often recommend whitening treatment in conjunction with veneer placement to achieve a seamless dental appearance. Veneers can also complement restorative treatments, such as teeth replacement with dental implants. This is ideal for patients who desire a complete smile makeover that restores their confidence and aesthetics.

Direct Composite Bonding, a Conservative Alternative

While porcelain veneers are a valuable solution for many patients, others may prefer a more conservative treatment that addresses discoloration or cosmetic imperfections. We offer direct composite bonding for patients with minor chips and cracks. As with implants and teeth whitening, this treatment can also be provided at the same time as veneers.

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At Affordable Dental, we believe that every patient deserves a healthy, beautiful smile that can be shared freely with the rest of the world. We offer porcelain veneers in Van Nuys, Panorama City, and Reseda as a convenient solution to aesthetic complications. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!


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