How to Recapture the Health of your Teeth

By In Restorative Dental Care January 16, 2018

Despite our best intentions, busy schedules tend to interfere with keeping ideal oral health. Adults who have let their teeth’s condition falter over the years may think that their smile is a lost cause. With the help of your dentist, you can recapture the health of your teeth and maintain it moving forward.

Some are fortunate to experience only minimal damage after years of neglecting their oral hygiene, while others need extraction after leaving decay or infection unaddressed. Regardless of the severity of your dental complication, there is always a viable solution that will leave you with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Health Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings grant patients an obvious aesthetic advantage in that the material used closely matches the shade of natural teeth. The health benefits of having your tooth filled with composite resin material over silver or amalgam are two-fold. First, less tooth structure is removed before placing a composite filling than when amalgam is used. Second, patients avoid the risk of harmful exposure to mercury, an element present in amalgam fillings.

The Function and Stability Provided by Restorative Prosthetics

When decay advances beyond the help of a filling, a more substantial restoration may be the solution for reestablishing proper function. Porcelain inlays, onlays, and crowns all are restorative options that provide the increased strength and protection damaged teeth require.

When having an inlay or onlay placed, your dentist preserves more original tooth structure because the porcelain restoration is thin and strong. Since crowns are designed to completely envelop the tooth structure, the porcelain material creates a strong barrier, while the customized fit restores your smile’s appearance.

Optimal Oral Health Through Strengthening the Jaw

Dental implants play a significant role in the rejuvenation of your oral health. This permanent way to address tooth loss brings strength and stability back to the jaw. When natural teeth aren’t completely replaced, the jaw weakens from lack of stimulation and pressure from the tooth root. The surgically placed titanium implant post serves as the new tooth root and supplies the support the jaw needs to stay healthy and avoid withering.

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