How a Single Dental Implant Can Preserve Your Health

By In Dental Implants December 31, 2017

Your smile was meant to house a full assembly of teeth; after losing even one, a domino effect occurs that can compromise both your oral health and your overall wellbeing. Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to injury or disease, replacing it with an effective prosthetic will help preserve the appearance, function, and health of your bite. In recent years, dental implants have become a valuable solution for patients in need of replacement teeth.

The Consequences of Tooth Loss

Your jawbone’s strength is dependent on a complete set of healthy teeth. After the loss of one, the rest of your teeth will begin to shift toward the vacancy, leading to crowding and discomfort that would need to be addressed by orthodontic measures. Not only that, but your jawbone will begin to diminish, leading to a prematurely aged appearance. It’s important to remember that your teeth are essential building blocks of your jaw and face.

A Superior Alternative to Other Restorative Methods

By choosing fixed dental bridges, many patients believe they are selecting a conservative alternative to dental implants. While traditional bridges do allow you to resume normal function, it should be noted that surrounding teeth will need to be altered in order for the restoration to be placed. One of the perks of dental implants is that no alteration is required; instead, they preserve the structure of your mouth and can prevent damage related to tooth loss.

The Role Dental Implants Play

Dental implants replace roots with durable titanium posts, which also serve as the foundation for beautiful restorations.  In the case of single tooth loss, crowns made of porcelain are often preferred; this material is valuable, due to its highly stain-resistant nature and resemblance to natural enamel. This allows for a seamless smile once the healing process has completed and the restorations have been added.

Why You Should Replace a Single Tooth

The health of your smile and your overall wellbeing go hand in hand; when one declines, the other follows suit. Dental implants provide patients with an effective and permanent solution to tooth loss that doesn’t compromise the integrity of their remaining teeth, as is the case with other restorative methods.

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